About Us

The idea to create a company that will deal with the problems of people with cancer first appeared in 2007. Back then we were the first in Ukraine to start the implementation of a modern method of introducing medicinal substances through the port-catheter system. Subsequently, products for biopsy were added, and a little later products for patients with stoma were registered. For many years the company had been maturing and developing as a part of large multi-brand enterprises and was finally born as an independent company ONCOMEDICA in 2013, completely focusing on oncological subjects and everything related to the treatment of this pathology. 


It is very important for us to find a solution specifically for each person, who addressed to us, to provide qualified information and a sample of opportunities that are maximally effective within certain requirements. We want you to always be able to count on us in providing modern, innovative and safe medical products. The main specialization of the company is the import, supply and information support of our clients in the following fields of medicine:
    • Clinical oncology of adults and children;
    • Infusion therapy (chemotherapy in particular);
    • Hematology;
    • Radiology;
    • Mammalogy;
    • Surgery;
    • Proctology;
    • Anesthesiology;
    • Ultrasound diagnosis with navigation biopsy;
    • Pain management.  


ONCOMEDICA products are characterized with exceptional quality and absolute exclusivity at the Ukrainian market. We have collected the best products for each type of clinical application and we are proud to be able to improve your quality of life and treatment. 

What we do:

    • Import, sell and teach how to use medical products and equipment correctly;
    • Conduct seminars and workshops to familiarize doctors and nurses with new medical products and methods of working with it;
    • Participate in international and state public medicine projects;
    • Support and advise in the field of medical technologies, spread the ideas of a healthy lifestyle;
    • Provide maintenance of medical equipment and advise medical specialists on any issues related to application.