Charitable Funds

In this section you can see the list of charitable foundations which cooperate with our company. To contact with specific foundation just visit its website. We wish you a speedy recovery.



подих життя Breath of Life is the ICF that was created by an initiative group of volunteers who after passing through a kind of evolution in volunteer activity came to the conclusion that an official structure is needed in order to realize more global goals, as well as changes in the situation in children's oncology and oncohematology.

"All volunteers of our foundation have work or business, and all expenses related to the maintenance of the foundation are paid out of their personal funds."

"Volunteers of our foundation provide help absolutely for free".

During its activity (to the creation of an official legal structure - the foundation), the initiative group of volunteers established contacts with medical personnel in medical institutions and positively proved themselves in the eyes of benefactors and donors both in Ukraine and abroad.

"Experts and professionals work in these medical institutions, but not always the life and health of the child depend on the professionalism and dedication of the medical staff".

Breath of Life  spiritusvitae.org.ua



крила надії

Wings of Hope Charity Fund is a young foundation. However, a number of activities have already been carried out for a short period of time. Apart from the practical result these activities caused a great resonance in society and increasing interest to the problems of socially unprotected layers of the population. Being a member of the Ukrainian Open Association of Organizations, Groups and Persons Working with Cancer Children, the Foundation has a practical experience of cooperation and helping children suffering from oncology and their families. A comprehensive program of creative activities with seriously ill children in hospitals has been developed and is being successfully implemented. Positive experience of cooperation with city authorities, public associations, other charitable foundations and also mass media testifies the general interest of a society to development of volunteering and youth participation. krylanadiyi.org.ua




ти ангел"People are angels with only one wing. And we can fly only when we hug someone"

The main goals of the YOU - ANGEL Charitable Foundation are to carry out charitable activities due to the interests of society, to provide charitable assistance to those who need it.














фонд надіюся і вірю

Hope and Believe CF was founded by individuals and registered on October 13, 2005. The Foundation works in the field of pediatric oncology. Members of the fund are people who have gone through a difficult path of treating their children from cancer. The Foundation is a member of the Ukrainian Open Association of Volunteers - Live Tomorrow and a member of the European Association of Cancer Patients ECPC. ucccf.com









щаслива дитина Happy Child Zaporizhia Charitable Foundation was established in May 2007 by a group of volunteers who have been helping orphans and children suffering from cancer for a long time. Happy Child Foundation has a regional status, therefore, all residents of the Zaporozhye region can get help and assistance there. deti.zp.ua








запорукаAll-Ukrainian Zaporuka charitable foundation was founded in 2008. The main goal of the foundation is to help children with cancer and their relatives. Zaporuka Foundation is a member of the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) and the International Confederation of Parents of Children with Cancer (ICCCPO). Zaporuka is the winner of Philanthropist of the Year-2010 contest. Since 2011, the foundation is a member of the Ukrainian philanthropic forum. In 2012 Zaporuka became the winner of National Medical Award - the first highest in Ukraine public award in the field of medicine and public health, and was recognized as the best in the nomination Special contribution to health care. The SOLETERRE charitable organization has been an unchanged partner of the foundation for many years. zaporuka.com.ua








скарбниця надіїThe volunteer fund dates back to December 2009 with an attempt to help a 1.5-year-old girl in the department of oncohematology at the Rivne Regional Children's Hospital. For three months the number of volunteers has increased to 5, for six months to 10, and then the question of organizing and streamlining the volunteer movement in Kiev has aroused. For this purpose the public organization Bereginya Rivne was created, where each volunteer was responsible for a certain amount of work. The tasks that the fund was solving gwere growing with the development of the organization, although in the beginning it was a big problem to raise funds for one package of expensive medicines to one child. Now it is not easier to raise money, but the volunteer group has quadrupled and now counts 35 participants. In May 2011, Treasury of Hope charity fund was founded based on the Bereginya Rivne. Treasure of Hope provides the main financial assistance for Oncology Department of Rivne Regional Children's Hospital. All information about the fund and its activities can be found on the website: skarbnitsya.org






фонд краб Krab is Kyiv Charitable Fund for Assistance to Cancer Children that was founded by parents, whose children were treated at the Department of Pediatric Oncology of the National Cancer Institute, where children from all over Ukraine are treated. The purpose of the fund is the diversified support of the children's department of the National Cancer Institute, its doctors, patients and their families, informing the society about children's oncology. For the sake of memory of their children the founders of the organization want to alleviate the fate of those who have faced the same problem. The Foundation regularly conducts actions to improve conditions in the department, provide individual support to families, print literature on oncology for parents, help doctors by purchasing the necessary materials and equipment. krab.org.ua







STOPCANCER Charitable foundation has been operating in Volyn since 2011. It aims to reduce the morbidity and mortality from cancer in children. STOPCANCER works in several fields: purchasing of medical equipment and medicines, rehabilitation of children suffering from cancer, introduction of educational programs for doctors, promotion of a charity culture and palliative care for patients. stopcancer.com.ua